The podcasting journey so far – 30 days in

The #socialAfricanshow launched on 01 August 2017 with a mission to amplify the stories of entrepreneurs of African origin.

My drive to create the podcast came during the creation and subsequent launch of my headwear brand where despite the great number of podcasts, books and blogs on launching a brand I struggled to find a voice that resonated with me as an African. Growing up my parents were clear, they wanted me to be a doctor. Creating and selling streetwear was definitely not part of the plan. But I did me and followed my passion – and I am super happy as a result. I spoke about this in detail on SAP 000.

Start with 3

The show launched with 3 episodes; SAP 000, SAP 001 and SAP 002. When I hit the button to post the episodes, I felt super fired up. Listening back to the inspiring stories of these entrepreneurs gave me absolute confidence that this podcast will provide that special something I couldn’t find when I first began building my brand.

Feedback so far has been Amazing

And, I was right. 30 days and 8 episodes in, we have reached almost 400 thousand people across social media, the website was visited over a thousand times and the podcast has been downloaded on Libsyn over 250 times (in addition to downloads/streams on iTunes, Stitcher and Soundcloud).


We set out to build something bigger than all of us but I had no idea how quickly people would begin to engage with the show. Following the feedback across social, email and conversations with the Tribe, I can now guarantee that this is greatness in the making, indeed.

Putting in the work

Respect the hustle. The execution has been spot on. But with success comes sacrifice. Now is not the time to share the gory details. However, it’s safe to say I have spread myself thin by adding the podcast to my already demanding schedule.

You need 8 hours of sleep to function, right? I haven’t had anything close to that in over 12 weeks. Now that we are a month in I am keen to do better, health-wise; eat better, sleep better, exercise and find some balance.

We’re working incredibly hard to build more than just a podcast.

Support the movement – #saptribe

And, on that note, I would like to thank you for the support so far. You’ve been amazing. Also, to all the guests who’ve shared their stories with us so far, we salute you.

To our sponsors KV London thank you for the marketing pounds.

Going forward

More epic SAP (Social African Podcast) episodes will be released every Tuesday. So, keep it locked this way, Tribe.

And, can I ask everyone who’s on an Apple device to subscribe, rate and review the podcast, please. This will help us get the message out to as many people as possible.

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