The number one way to motivate yourself when you’re feeling uninspired

We all have days, weeks, months – even a whole year when we genuinely feel like packing it all in and giving up. 

But, when giving up is not an option, what do you do? Just leave it, close your eyes and hope for the best – right? Wrong!

Recognising bouts of stress, distraction and lack of inspiration is the first step toward getting back on track.

The grind

In my case, this happens often. I currently work 9-5 while building my headwear brand KV London, growing my podcast the #SocialAfricanShow and launching a beard care range. (I’m doing this between 7 pm until as late as 2 am).

With the podcast which is an interview-based show, during recording, I feed off the energy of my guests and draw motivation from their stories. The feedback from the Tribe helps as well. However, editing the show can be laborious. With JAJA and especially KV, it can be very isolating at times.

For the past two months, I have been struggling to find the motivation to keep moving the brand forward. Mainly because I had shifted my focus to planning my wedding (which was amazing).


I had begun adding tasks to my to-do list – then procrastinating until it hurt. Well, not anymore.

The tasks on my list for the evening were:

  • draft a short-term marketing plan for KV
  • create a design/concept to lead our focus for a new collection.

Determined not to give in to this continuous lack of motivation I decided to take the proverbial bull by the horn.

How I motivate myself

For me, the number one way to motivate yourself when you’re feeling uninspired is to break your routine. And, that’s exactly what I did.

In the evenings I work in my studio at home (or in the garden in summer).

So, the plan this evening was to work on my tasks in the garden but when I got home, I realised my wife was hosting her grandma, aunt and cousin in the garden. They were having a bit of a ladies tea party. This changed my plans completely.

I could have easily gone upstairs to the studio but I identified that distracted and uninspired feeling coming through again and decided to switch it up altogether.

Break Routine

I loaded up my backpack; pens, sketchpad, notebook, camera, laptop (which I didn’t need but thought it would make my bag heavier and contribute to my workout) and a bottle of water. I took a long (for me!) walk (25 minutes each way) up to the mount in Guildford, Surrey.

It was tough getting up there with, the sun glaring down and my backpack weighing me down. But, as I got closer to the top I started to feel as though my load had lightened and I felt much freer.

It really works

At the top of the mount, I felt on top of the world, feeling fully charged and certain that I CAN DO IT. It was such a buzz. 30-40 minutes later I had a detailed short-term marketing plan ready with the specific actions needed to achieve my goals. It felt awesome!

I then swiftly proceeded to task two. I was much happier and much more motivated. Within another hour I had a design concept to lead the new collection for KV London. We will be using various shapes to create abstract, eye-catching designs.

I documented the journey from uninspired to super-pumped (in under three hours) on my Instagram Stories and on my IGTV vlog called #NORMALLEVEL.

Watch the vlog episode featuring my routine-breaking sojourn to the mount

I also took some photos of the landscape as the sun began to set – just before heading home. See some of the pictures

The Buzz

When I got back home, I was knackered but still buzzing.

The ladies tea party was still in full swing so I ate some cake, caught up with our guests and offered to help my wife’s grandma create a flyer for her event. All in all, my day ended much better than it started. I am sure it is because I recognised the feeling of a lack of inspiration and broke my routine to fix it.

I will hold on to this buzz and keep the momentum going by following through on the action plan that I have created.

To get your mojo back when you feel demotivated, break that routine. It works!

Keep it locked on the blog for updates on how the marketing plans and the designs for the new collection are coming along.