SAP 019 – Steve Harris; from dropping out of college twice to coaching over 800 successful entrepreneurs

Steve Harris is the CEO of EdgeEcution, a management consultancy based in Lagos, Nigeria.

He is a high-performance coach, motivational speaker, author and business strategist.

Steve is also known as Mr ‘ruthless execution’ and is passionate about helping individuals and institutions bridge the gap between performance and potential.

Personal life

“Proudly and unashamedly Nigerian. My father is from Delta State and my mum is from Akwa Ibom.”

“I have my amazing wife and a daughter.”

“When I’m not working, it’s PlayStation 4, I play with my wife.”

Area of expertise

“I am loving the fact that I am working with a lot of small businesses who’ve got the tenacity, that grit, that grind, that hustle.”

“So, that’s pretty amazing and I love what I do with them.”

Lowest Entrepreneurial Moment

“My lowest entrepreneurial moment also happened to birth my best entrepreneurial moment at the same time.”

“We had a new president and a lot of my multinational clients were uncertain about the economy. So, training, coaching and consultancy were the first to get thrown out of the window.”

“I’m sitting there for 5-6-7 months and my business hasn’t made any income.”

Steps you took to overcome this low point

“I started asking questions. How do I get to a point where I wouldn’t need to go through corporate organisations for my income?”

“I took my programme; Mastering The Business of Your Talent, online.”

“And, it blew up. Now the online space probably accounts for 55% of my business revenue.”

Proudest entrepreneurial moment

“Over the last five years, I have been privileged to coach about 838 entrepreneurs through the entire process of Mastering The Business of Your Talent.”

“At the last count 269 of those entrepreneurs have been online.”

“For me, it’s just humbling to be a small part of so many huge success stories – Tanzania, USA, UK, Dubai, Ghana, Togo, Nigeria. It’s global!”

What’s got you buzzing right now?

“Going on 2018 there are a couple of things I am working that has got my juices stewing.”

“I am writing a new book called Honey Why Are We Poor.”

“This book highlights the fact that poverty has evolved, it now has a job, drives a car, lives in a nice part of town but is still broke.”

“ It will be available in the first quarter of 2018.”

Lion’s Den

What is the best African saying you’ve ever heard?

Whenever you wake up is when your morning begins

“It’s an Igbo saying.”

“It means, it doesn’t matter how long it seems you’ve lost opportunities, the moment you’ve you become self-aware, that’s when the moment you hit the ground running”

What was holding you back from building your brand?


“Being a college dropout, there’s that part of me that feels like I don’t deserve what I’ve got.”

“Maybe I will wake up one day and this is all a dream.”

Which is your social media platform of choice and why?

“If you asked me this two years ago I would have said Twitter.”

“But, right now it’s Instagram. I can connect and engage, immediately do something live and just get people to see a sneak peek of my life.”

Share one daily routine that contributes to your success

“Two things; Prayer and I work out; ten miles on my exercise bike and then I go pump some iron.”

Do you have any books on sale right now?

On my website there are two books and two workbooks:



Apart from your books, can you recommend a book for the Tribe to check out?

“My favourite book of all time is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

“And, for those who aspire to become thought leaders, speakers, coaches, my favourite book in that regard is The Millionaire Messenger by Bernard Burchard

If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do?

“ I would spend it with my family. I wouldn’t try to save the world because I try to do that every day.”

“I will just chill with my girls.”

Words of wisdom

“It’s not what you don’t have that limits you, it’s what you have but you don’t know how to use.”

“That’s what it is.”

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