SAP 027 – Renee Davis; inspiring the next generation of young creatives to execute their dreams

Renee Davis is a freelance journalist and an award-winning entrepreneur.

She is the founder of Out The Box – a hub for young creatives and entrepreneurs.

Renee’s aim is to inspire and equip this and the next generation of young creatives and entrepreneurs to execute their dreams and passions.

Personal life

“I was born and raised in Birmingham. I am of Jamaican descent. My grandparents came here (the United Kingdom) in the 60’s.”

“I am the oldest of three, me and my twin brothers.”

Area of expertise

“Communicating with people and communicating a story…

whether it is through an article online or an event.”

A tip for budding writers out there

“Keep writing.”

“Experiment and find your unique voice. Get feedback from people that will be honest with you.”

“Create your own lane!”

Lowest entrepreneurial moment

“I had to cut ties with a brand that supported my events…

we packaged an evening to celebrate black women and speak about overcoming certain barriers…

they got scared and shied away…

I got quite angry about it. But it taught me to hold on to my values.”

Proudest entrepreneurial moment

“Starting and growing the event series to become a cool brand where people know they’ll be in a room full of amazing energy and learn from other creatives.”

“And, in 2016 when I won the Wise Women award.”

What’s got you buzzing right now

“We have a workshop/event series coming up throughout this year. It will be happening once a month in a location in Shoreditch.”

Lion’s Den

What’s the best African saying you’ve ever heard?

“This a Jamaican proverb that my grandparents and my mum used to say to me”

If yuh waan good yuh nose haffi run

“It basically means if you want good, your nose has to run. You have to work really hard for what you want.”

What was holding you back from building your brand?

“Fear. Can I do it?”

“And, spending too much time thinking about things.”

Which is your social media platform of choice?


“I love the interaction that I can have on there. What we do is visual and it is the perfect space for that.”

Share a daily routine that contributes to your success

“I’m conscious of not reaching for my phone as soon as I wake up.”

“I pray and I journal.”

Recommend a book for the Tribe to check out

#GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso

“It’s about how to spot an opportunity and take it further…

she simplifies the entrepreneurship journey so much.”

If you had 24 hours to live what would you do?

“I’m not going to do anything around business or goals because I am going to die…

I would spend it with my family and close friends.”

Words of wisdom

“Fear is not going to go away…

“Remember that it is not about you, what you’ve been given to do is about other people.”

“Feel the fear do it anyway.

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