One year podcasting I’ve made friends had magical moments and even made money

On the first day of August 2017 when I hit the publish button for the first three episodes of The Social African Show, I was confident 

very confident that the message would resonate and hopefully create a snowball effect, becoming the next big thing with one million downloads every day.

The beginning

No, seriously, that was one half of my head. The other half was thinking what if no one listens? What it flops? Am I stretching myself too thin?

But, as you may have heard on the show a few times, JUST START.

The Journey (so far)

Fast forward one year and the fear of no one listening is null and void (thank goodness). We’re not quite at a million daily downloads (matter of fact we’re in the hundreds) but hey, it’s good to have something to aspire to, isn’t it?

On a personal note, I have gained some new skills. I have had some magical moments. And, I have built strong connections, adding new members to the family.

Six months ago, it would’ve been fair to say that The Social African Show took away from KV London and my personal brand but now, it’s definitely a plus. There is a sense of growing influence. And long may that continue.

The critics

“You’re only interviewing black entrepreneurs is that not racist?”

I’ve been asked this a few times, most times in good faith, by my white friends or colleagues and every time, my answer is:

I find people who are AFRICANS like me and talk to them about their entrepreneurial journeys. They don’t necessarily have to be black. They just have to be African!

I was raised in Nigeria, a black-majority country. In Lagos there is no middle class, there are the ‘ones that have’ and the ‘ones that don’t’. And they (sometimes) live side by side. You have to be entrepreneurial to survive out there.

I want to highlight the great work of brothers and sisters across the African continent and those that descended from it. Demonstrating the commitment and drive across nations, bloodlines and into the diaspora.

“Your ads should be narrated by a different voice.”

Maybe. But I’m not too keen on having ads on the show anyway.

Happy to try this out when the right opportunity presents itself. We’re open to talking to brands about advertising on the show and across our platforms (web and social). If we do put any more ads on the podcast, we will ensure that they align with our brand values and is a win for you, the tribe.

“You need to get some more big hitters.”

This one is a bit tricky because it’s subjective, right?

But I understand, we must always strive to do better. And, all I see ahead is progress.


The feedback has been amazing. The love has been awesome! We’re building a really strong community across social with Instagram leading the way and Facebook a close second while Twitter is just being Twitter (way behind), ha!

Love to my Apple Podcast fam. My Spotify fam, I love you! The SoundCloud massive, big up! And my family listening on Stitcher radio, bless up! We are one tribe.

To all the amazing entrepreneurs that have shared their story on the show, I salute you! Keep winning. We’re family now.

The money question

Have you made any money from the podcast in one year?

Yes! I have.


Affiliate marketing, mainly.

However, what I’ve made so far is nowhere near my target figure, not even close.

But, research shows that not a lot of podcasters make a penny in their first 3-5 years, so I really can’t complain.

I will remain hungry and continue to scale.

The journey has been awesome so far. My promise to you is that we will keep getting better.

You keep listening. Keep sharing. Keep inspiring.

One year! One show!! One Tribe!!!