Golden nuggets galore – ON ROAD with Mr Oshodi the founder of Oshodi foods and Foodjunkee van

We are super excited to share the first episode of the #socialAfricanshow ON ROAD with you.

Our man Kleff and Mr Oshodi, the founder of Foodjunkee van, braved the bitter cold to bring you nothing but value.

Today’s ON ROAD show is divided into two parts.

In part one we dive into Mr Oshodi’s :

  • Personal life.
  • African heritage.
  • Business influences (being born into an entrepreneurial household in Lagos, Nigeria).
  • And, a no-nonsense approach to business plus plenty of golden nuggets.

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Ismail Oshodi also known as Mr. Oshodi is a serial entrepreneur and a public speaker.

He is the founder of Oshodi foods and Foodjunkee van.

An avid businessman with interests in various sectors and a passion for sharing wisdom.

Personal Life

“I was born in Lagos, Nigeria. I moved to the UK when was 10 or 11 years old.”

“The moral values from my upbringing in Lagos stuck with me.”

“Both my parents owned businesses and I took to business. I liked it.”

“I have four sisters and a brother. I am married with two kids of my own.”

How I stay ahead

“Apart from God, it is definitely a million percent tenacity.”

“The drive, the ambition and knowing that there is always an end result.”

Lowest entrepreneurial moment

“Trying to come up with new ideas, figuring out how to apply, manifest, and invest in it.”

Proudest entrepreneurial moment

“Getting a message saying you inspire me, means more to me than the likes.”

“My nephew being able to come down and say to his friends ’this is my uncle’s shop, let’s buy apple crumble.’”

In part two:

  • some more raw entrepreneurial advice
  • deep African sayings
  • and the best way to connect with Mr Oshodi.
  • More fire!

What’s got you buzzing right now?

“I am looking forward to the outcomes. Looking forward to God marking my tests and giving me rewards.”

“Some of these rewards will be going to the people that I have been praying for.”

Lion’s Den

What’s the best African saying you’ve ever heard?

A good name is better than silver and gold.

“My mum always said this but I never understood it.”

“Now I do, she was basically saying your name is a credit rating, not just in the financial sense.”

“If I own a jewellery store and a friend who has a good name needed jewellery I will help them out but if it were a person that didn’t have a good reputation then I can’t help them.”

What was holding you back from building your brand?

“I didn’t have the wisdom to understand. It wasn’t my time.”

“When it was time to get up everything in my life made me get up.”

Which is your social media platform of choice?

“I like Instagram.”

Share a daily routine that contributes to your success

“Every morning when I wake I get down on my knees and pray, thank my God for another day.”

“That’s my daily routine.”

Words of wisdom

“Everyday above ground is a great day.”

“Appreciate every day.”

“Appreciate your life, appreciate your blessings, appreciate your lessons and appreciate your journey.”

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