How to increase brand visibility with Location Stickers and Hashtags in Instagram Stories

I use the Story feature on Instagram a lot. I’m almost always in story mode, creating and sharing on the go. 

And, I’ve been testing out the Location Stickers and Hashtags on Instagram Stories. The result? A steady increase in Story views.

If you’re on Instagram and you want to build your brand, you should leverage the Hashtags and Location Stickers on Instagram Stories.

The level of awareness and the number of new fans you attract will depend on your niche and ultimately the creative.

Tests and results

I found varying results across the tests on four brand Instagram pages in different areas of business.

Generally, a brand page with 1-3k followers would usually get 50-100 views on their Instagram Stories without using any Location Stickers and Hashtags.

However, we saw a dramatic increase in story views when we used the sticker and/or hashtags. Some views went into the thousands, bringing in new followers and new leads.

What works best

I also found that using both Location Stickers and Hashtags on the same post increases your chances of getting featured.

If you’re featured, your post will be fed to other Instagram users that are in the same location or that follow (or are searching for) the hashtags you’ve used.

In the test below, this Instagram Story post almost hit the three thousand views. In the first three hours, it racked up one thousand five hundred views. 

This Story post was a video of a still photo of graffiti (that I shot in Shoreditch) and a voice over. I created this in Photoshop. It was a message of solidarity following the terror attacks in London Bridge and Borough market.

You can actually see a breakdown of the location and hashtags showing how many views each one brought to the Story post.

Let’s explore how brands can leverage Location Stickers and Hashtags on Instagram Stories but first, are you taking advantage of Instagram in Story mode?

Here’s why you totally should

  • show your audience some inside scoop
  • tell your story in your own unique voice
  • 1-1 engagement with the audience
  • gain insight on products and service pre-launched
  • run 24 hr giveaways and engagement campaign
  • there’s so much more you can do on Instagram Story

Brands can leverage the power of Instagram stories by either

Creating raw content

  • point your phone’s front camera at your face and shoot
  • point your camera at the subject 
  • use Hyperlapse to create catchy videos
  • go wild with Boomerang, you can create really cool video loops using this built-in app on your Instagram story


Create edited content

Use video editing software to create cool 15 second short films telling a story or showcasing a product or service, be sure to add a clear call to action (CTA). You can use software like:

  • Adobe Spark
  • iMovie
  • Canva
  • photoshop and
  • premiere pro

I mostly use Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Premiere to create my edited Instagram Stories.

Using Hashtags and Location Stickers

It’s been great so far and long may the free organic reach continue.

Here’s a video of how you can quickly add the Hashtags and Location Stickers features to your overall Instagram marketing strategy.

Give this a go, if executed right, you will be glad you did.

New Instagram accounts

Brand new Instagram accounts may not be featured in the wider Location or Hashtags Stories. 

I suggest you post 12 to 15 photos on your Instagram page first and start engaging with your new audience, no matter how small. If you start using Hashtags and Location Stickers after, you should start seeing some good results.