SAP 023 – George Eyo; using his knack for art and a keen eye for detail as fuel for success in fashion photography

George Eyo is the founder of Eyo photography.

Since childhood George has been into 2D concept illustration and traditional art.

He has displayed his work in local galleries and independent graphic novels.

His creative pursuits also lead him into music, releasing songs through the Wah Wah Collective.

With a creative eye for detail and composition George is now fully involved in photography.

Personal life

“I come from a Nigerian background my heritage is Calabar, both my parents are from there.”

“I was born in the UK and grew up here.”

“Even though I was raised here I was always still taught about my tradition, the culture and how things work back home.”

Areas of expertise

“Definitely photography. It’s the eye for detail to be able to capture something that you can never capture again.”

A top-tip for amateur photographers

“Take your camera off auto. Learn how to use manual.”
“Learn how to use the aperture, shutter speed and ISO.”

“This is how you get those amazing shots where the background is really blurred out and your subject is sharp and in focus.”

Lowest entrepreneurial moment

“One conflicting thing was when I requested models do not bring certain colours to a photo shoot.”

“This one model came with the colours I clearly stated not to bring.”

Light bulb moment

“It was when I was first invited to African Fashion Week.”

“I managed to get a backstage pass, I was meant to be covering somebody else doing photos. I ended up taking the lead role in this session.”

“I was asked to go into the photographers’ pit taking photos of everyone that came out, every designer’s work.”

“When I started uploading the images, I tagged these designers on Instagram and they started paying attention. And they wanted me to come back for more work.”

What’s got you buzzing right now?

“In the new year, I will be travelling back to Africa.”

“I will be visiting Kenya, Tanzania possibly Uganda and Rwanda.”

“I am in touch with a few designers, models and organisers out there. Because the fashion industry is booming out there.”

Lion’s Den

What’s the best African saying you’ve ever heard?

When you’re eating amongst friends and family, always eat with a long spoon.

What was holding you back from building your brand?

“Life I guess.”

“Focusing on raising my two children; my daughter and my son.”

“Now they’re more self-sufficient I am able to do my photography work.”

Which is your social media platform of choice?

“Definitely Instagram.”

“I think Instagram is best for photographers.”

Recommend a book for the Tribe to check out

I would recommend two:

The Isis Papers: The Keys to the Colours by Frances Cress Welsing

Behold a Pale Horse by William Cooper

Share one daily routine that contributes to your success

“Meditation and affirmations.”

“Affirmations help a lot with focus and progress in life. It creates life in the path that you want it to go.”

If you had 24 hours to live, what would you do?

“Spend it with my family. Most definitely!”

Words of wisdom

“Keep doing what you’re doing and stay focused.”

“Every step you take always changes your reality to meet your goal.”

“Keep taking photos, study your own work, look at where you’ve gone wrong. Just keep practising.”

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