SAP 025 – Donaldson Sackey; how to create a brand using the things you are passionate about

Donaldson Sackey is the co-founder of CPxArt a luxury streetwear brand that fuses sports, fashion and art to create unique designs.

He is also a model and a professional football player.

Donaldson’s passion for football led to him playing the game across Europe whilst also playing for the Togolese national team.

Personal life

“I grew up in Hamburg Germany. My African roots from Togo and parents are from Togo.”

“I am into design, sports and fashion so I try to put these things together.”

Area of expertise

“Football, modelling and streetwear. All three.”

“Because I need this balance.”

A tip for anyone starting out in the streetwear space

“Just do it. Keep grinding”

“One day it will come, so keep grinding for your vision.”

Lowest moment in football so far

“When you want to do more but you can’t, you have to be patient. In football, it can be good today and tomorrow it’s bad.”

“For me, it’s when I’m on the bench and the others are playing and I have to keep training, keep fit and still believe.”

The lowest point as an entrepreneur

“Having a big idea and not being sure how to go ahead and put it out.”

Lightbulb moment

“I always knew it was a great idea but when I started launching the brand and a lot of people and a lot of magazines starting coming to us after three weeks. Vogue, Forbes, GQ, it went crazy.”

“So, I was like I can do more and go further with the vision.”

CPxART – what types of apparel are in the current collection
“Bomber jackets, denim, hoodies and caps.”

“All hand painted by me and my partner, we sometimes work with an artist.”

What’s got you buzzing right now

“I am working the Wu Wear project. I took over as a designer and creative there.”

“This year is going to be the Wu Wear relaunch.”

Lion’s Den

What’s the best African saying you’ve ever heard?

The heart rules without rules

“You can’t control the heart. If you put a vision in your heart you will do everything to achieve it.”

What was holding you back from building your brand?

“For certain things you need to grow in certain areas.”

“I could have built the brand but the time was not right.”

Which is your social media platform of choice?


“You can connect with the whole world easily”

Share a daily routine that contributes to your success

“My Faith. I take time to be connected with the Almighty.”

“I read the bible and focus on the spiritual things”

Recommend a book for the Tribe to check out

In search of blessing by Emmanuel Gaglo

“It explores the idea of building your business around serving others”.

If you had 24 hours to live what would you do?

“I will spend it with the people I love.”

Words of wisdom

“If you have a vision, just go for it and don’t expect people to understand what you’re seeing because they won’t.”

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