SAP 036 – Caroline Moore; top tips on building a media content creation company

Caroline Moore is the CEO of Eureka Productions Ltd. They’re an organisation that specialises in content creation, media buying, public relations and media broadcasting.

Caroline has held several events and partnered with other media companies on projects that help individuals discover their purpose in life.

And, she is passionate about executing creative ideas that help people achieve their dreams.

Personal life

“I’m born to Nigerian parents. I was born in the UK, Manchester to be precise.”

“I moved to Nigeria when I was 16 years old.”

Advice for aspiring media entrepreneurs
“You have to create a niche for yourself.”

“Content creation is key but it has to hit the points, vacuums and targets of your customer”

Lowest entrepreneurial moment

“I like to call this a death experience.”

“We pitched an idea to a global organisation, everyone loved it and we left the meeting. I was over the moon because it went very well. In the morning I got a message from them to send in an action plan.”

“I’m an overly analytical person and I want everything to be perfect. And in the process of doing that we took seven days to send the action plan over. Our contact at the company said they’d received it and that was it.”

“Everything went silent. We took too long to send the action plan and we lost that deal.”

“I wanted it so bad but it didn’t happen and that was hard.”

Lessons learnt

“We learnt a lot as a team. Right now, we have action plans ready before meetings.

Proudest entrepreneurial moment

“We’ve had a few. For me, we can always do better.”

“I was at a meeting with a client and the TV was on in the boardroom, and all of a sudden my event popped up on the screen and everybody paused and they recognised me.”

“I didn’t even need to do too much pitching anymore. I went in to pitch one idea but they wanted even more.”

What’s got you buzzing right now

“Currently working on the big campaign, probably the biggest of my career.”

“It’s called Why I Am Alive. We’re going across from the grassroots to the elites helping them find their true purpose for living.”

“It’ll be across different platforms and on Eureka TV.”

Lion’s den

What is the best African saying you’ve ever heard?

Ibi isana ni won ti kiye sogun.

“It’s a Yoruba proverb and it means; from the tiniest signs, you should recognise when things are going wrong. For example, a tiny matchstick can burn down a whole house.”

What was holding you back from building your brand?

“It was fear, nothing else.”

“But sometimes when what you desire becomes stronger than the fear you just have to ignore that fear. It’s still there but you’re doing it with the fear.”

Which is your social media platform of choice?


“I love pictures, colours, location sets, I just love it. I could tell stories through images and get messages out through images.”

A daily routine that contributes to your success

“It’s a form of meditation.”

“I get a quiet place, where it’s just me and I have my gratitude moment.”

“I reminisce on all the positive things in my life and I start to sing and dance until I’m sweating.”

Recommend a book for the Tribe to check

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

If you had 24 hours to live what would you do?

“I would love to spend it with my loved ones. I would also ensure everything I’ve built on earth has impacted thousands of lives so they can actually say ‘because you lived, I lived’.”

Words of wisdom

“You’re created for a purpose but if you don’t get up off your butt, nothing is going to happen. Stand up and start taking those steps right now”

“Believe in yourself and get up, the fear will not go away, while you’re trembling, unsure and uncertain, stand up and take that step.”

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