SAP 000 – Kleff Vicc (the SAIC); finally taking a deep dive into building more than just a podcast

Hi, It’s Kleff here! I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to the TRIBE as the social African in charge.

I am a headwear designer, digital builder and now a podcast show host. My headwear brand, KV London; an independent headwear brand that is disrupting the game with innovative designs and eye-catching styles. A brand tailored to the streetwear connoisseur who is looking for that unique cap that no one else has got. This is my baby.

I’m also a digital builder, currently building a load of online forms for a local borough here in Surrey. 

And, (the obvious) a show host.

30 days ago I made up my mind to dive into the podcasting journey. I have always thought about podcasting. To me, it seemed like a good medium to get the story out there. I held on to the idea and even built a show (website and social). However, I never got round to shipping it.

I had a mental shift. Something changed in my head after the self-love challenge in March 2017. I decided to carry on building my personal brand, put out a ton of valuable content and hopefully help a handful of people along the way.

The #socialAfricanshow is a platform to amplify the stories of entrepreneurs of African origin. As long as they’ve taken that bold step of putting their money where their mouth is, in the hope of turning a profit thereafter, I would be happy to share their story with the tribe and their audience.

The idea for the #socialAfricanshow came off the back of me starting my brand wondering if there was a voice of reason that spoke to my struggles as an African man looking to do something with myself in business. Don’t get me wrong, there was a ton of motivational stuff out there but nothing spoke to the kid who’s initial battle was with his parents who’ve told him (all his life) to become a doctor.

Business was not an option. I needed something to speak to me to get out of that mentality before even going to DO.

This is where the #socialAfricanshow comes in, this is the problem we are going to be solving.

This is a movement, it’s bigger than you and I. It’s strength in numbers. It’s greatness in the making.

I want us to come together and lift each other. This is a platform to hold hands and grow together. If someone listens to the show and takes the bold step to go and do, then our job is done, brothers and sisters.


Lion’s Den

What’s the best African saying you’ve ever heard?

I dropped this in mother’s native dialect:

You don’t have to tell the deaf man that the market is on fire.

What was holding me back from building my brand?

FEAR. Fear of disappointing mum and dad who’ve invested an arm and a leg in my education.

Social media platform of choice?

Instagram. Why? “The Story feature. I create a ton of story content here.

One daily routine that contributes to my success

Meditation. I take 10-15 minutes every morning to meditate, without fail. I fill myself with happiness by visualising a happy moment for the first few minutes, I then proceed to a prayer-like state where I send blessings and healing to my circle and finally I focus on the goal in front of me, I breathe in deep and pull that towards me while visualising the end results how happy it would make me and how much value it would bring whoever is involved.

My book recommendation?

The lean startup – Eric Reis

Personal life

I live in Surrey in England with my partner Rebecca. Love her to bits we’ve been together forever. I was born to typical Nigerian parents in Lagos. Unapologetically African. I had a beautiful childhood in Africa. I travelled around Nigeria a lot, with my parents. My dad worked in the civil service and got moved around a lot. I am one hundred per cent Nigerian – I speak a bit of Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo.

Words of wisdom

Forget all the talking and go out and do.